Performing at Etiwanda High School Winter Concert December 2019

Performing at Haven City Marketplace Opening October 2019

Outstanding Musician Heritage Intermediate School 2019

2019 Etiwanda High School Silent Auction Performance

2019 Heritage Intermediate School Open House Jazz Concert

2019 Heritage Intermediate School Spring Concert

2019 Etiwanda School District Honor Band 7th & 8th Grade Performance

Drum cover of Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof Love

2018 Heritage Intermediate Winter Concert

2018 Heritage Intermediate Fall Concert

Outstanding Musician Heritage Intermediate School 2017-18

2018 Heritage Intermediate Open House Jazz Concert

2018 Heritage Intermediate Spring Concert

2017 Heritage Intermediate Winter Concert

2017 Heritage Intermediate Fall Concert

2016 Talent Show - Percussion Performance of "One Slip"

2015 Spring Recital - Fur Elise

2015 Talent Show - Austin Wrote This Song Called "Tidal Wave"

2014 Fall Recital - Austin Wrote This Song Called "Tidal Wave"

2014 Summer Recital

2014 Spring Recital

2014 Talent Night

Talent Night Drum Solo

School Talent Night 2013 & Halloween Recital

2013 Summer Recital

2013 Spring Recital

2012 Halloween Recital

2012 Spring Recital

Piano Rehearsel

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